Monday, March 1, 2010

Going nowhere?

Jacket - Silence and Noise, sweater - H&M, top - Kimchi Blue, necklace - antique, cuff - flea market, jeans - H&M, boots - Doc Marten

Wore this to a trip to the art museum. Yes, I still have field trips... though truthfully, I haven't in the past three years. I'm just really tired now - took a long nap yesterday afternoon as, er, recovery. Saturday was quite fun. It was a little unexpected, well, not totally, but some parts definitely were. And instead of being in disbelief of my actions, I'm somewhat proud. It's something I've vaguely mentioned on here - this past May? Anyway... yeah.

It's not as cold and dreary as it has been lately. I suppose that's a nice way to start off the month, though it'd be very unwise to assume it's spring.

xox Catherine


  1. oh.. i love going to artsy places too!! :D they're good place to think, reflect and relax!! :D


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