Monday, June 8, 2009

What will it take for us to learn?

Dress - Billabong, belt - thrifted, shoes - Sweet Life by Dolce Vita from Urban, bracelet - my mom.

Possibly my last Monday? Sorry, I'm beyond obsessed with school being over. I'll focus on my clothing for today! I bought this dress for $6 last year during some huge sale. Cut off the puffy part of the sleeves... I like it better now. For some reason I'm not that big a fan of puff sleeves though I do own a few garments with them. Hmm. The belt was a dollar from that random thrift store. I've been looking for one for ever, so even if it feels like plastic, I'm content. These shoes got me some of the strangest compliments. From the most random people, ranging from a "ghetto" kid to the people in my classes I never talk to. One kid called them epic... not so sure if that's a compliment, but hey, whatever! This bracelet is my mom's. She told me she bought it on the boardwalk in the summer of '79.

And check it out - NO BLACK!

And about other sites I'm on - I'm considering just letting my Lookbook account sit there and occasionally hype stuff. But Chictopia is way better! (By the way, if anyone wants to join, you can use this reference code: CATHERINEE555. You don't need a code, but maybe it does something cool? Haha.) And I'm considering joining Weardrobe, but it confuses me a little. Anyone else on any of these?

Hope you're having a lovely day! xox Catherine


  1. Te only thing besides blogger I'm apart of it bloglovin' and vimeo. I haven't decided if I want to join anything like lookbook yet.

    I need a brown belt like that too. I'll probably end up finding one for cheap while thrifting too.

    By the way, cute outfit.:)

  2. i really like your dress, those sandals looks so good on you!!
    very cute outfit!

  3. I love those sandals! And so is that bracelet. I've been considering joining weardrobe too, but I don't post often enough on chictopia, so i feel like it would be a waste.

    PS. I can hold onto the book for you if you really want it.

  4. I just tagged you. :) Check out my blog for more information. xx

  5. i love this outfit. it's so summer <3


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