Sunday, June 7, 2009


Finally received my check from doing some tasting session thing, and I decided to go to the mall and have a bit of fun since I'll be getting more money soon. Early celebration? Oh geeze...

I still consider the mall to be really uninspiring, but I'm pleased with my purchases:
straw fedora Heritage 1981 @ Silhouette Girl
Straw fedora, $9 from Heritage. I don't know how often I'll wear this, but bad hair days, the beach... could come in handy, right?

fabric necklace Guam Urban Outfitters @ Silhouette Girl
Fabric necklace, $5 from Urban. Can't say I own anything else like this! It'll add a little color to my outfits. Yay.

strapless printed dress H&M @ Silhouette Girl
Printed dress, $20 from H&M. I guess this is more of a preview, but it's not something I would normally pick out. Nonetheless, I still love it and can't wait to try to wear it everyday during summer.

And last, but not least...
Sweet Life by Dolce Vita Urban Outfitters @ Silhouette Girl
Strappy sandals, $60 from Urban. These are finally mine! I couldn't find them on the floor so I was mildly disappointed, but then I opened a door in the shoe section and saw the picture on the box and nearly jumped. But they were black... then I found them in gray, and not my size, but then I found them in gray, size 8. Perfect. I don't know if I've ever spent this much on any one item, but I know I will wear these as much as I possibly can so I think they will be well worth the $60.

So, Friday I came home around 6pm and seriously hopped right into bed and slept until 1am... stayed up until 4am (the most exciting thing I did was eat all of the raspberries, hahaha yummmm), then surprisingly went back to sleep. Is it bad that the most I slept in the week was a seven hour nap? Yes.

I suppose I'm enjoying what could very well be the last weekend before it's summer. And the weather's finally nice again. Woooh. Hope you're all enjoying yourselves, xox Catherine.


  1. i looove the fedora and sandal! *--*

  2. I totally love the fedora hat and your printed dress! I think we've the same dress, but I've it in blue. :) Anyways.. Great buy!

    Have a great day!

  3. I've been wanting to buy a fedora, but I don't think that I can pull off a hat that well. I like the dress.

  4. cool fedora, and i loovee those sandals! i haven't been to urban outfitters in forever, i want to go!

  5. I love the hat and shoes!

  6. wow, love those sandals!! i´ve just bought a hat, i love them!

    xxx G&L

  7. hi Catherine,
    mil gracias por tu mensaje, tu español es muy bueno, asi que no tienes por que preocuparte ;)(sí, ribon es cinta)
    suerte en ese examen,

    xxx G&L

  8. REALLY CUTE buys!
    love the fedora, been looking everywhere for one !


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