Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dress - Volcom from Pacsun, belt - thrifted, necklace - Guam from Urban, bracelet - mom's, sandals - Target.

Cost me $37 to form this outfit. But... this is a problem: I have to read an entire chapter in chem, actually comprehend it (which will be very difficult due to my seemingly permanent exhaustion, I can barely even type!) and complete a take home test by tomorrow. Ohhh boy, even less sleep?! But tomorrow will be a bit of a joke considering I have no finals, but Friday I believe I'll be taking my last final if everything is clear with Spanish.

I apologize again for obsessing about school, but I must say, I truly hate that place and I cannot wait to be free. Some close-ups? (Sorry if you hate feet, I know a lot of people do!)

Hope you're all having a nice day! I'll reply to comments when I have free time... hopefully not tomorrow since I SHOULD study, but come on, when do I ever do that?

And I may wear some DIY bleached shorts on Friday. I forgot about them, but they actually turned out pretty cool.


  1. I love your shoes and yay for DIY bleaching! I favourite pastime of mine. haha.

    x x x

  2. this is by far the bet outfit i have seen so far and its probably because volcom is my soul matterialized..

    glad to see another burbs, states girl who likes clothes other than jeans and a t-shirt :]

  3. Bleached shorts! You should totally post a picture! Cute outfit.

  4. Great look! I love that skirt! And the belt as well:)

  5. LOVE your sandals!! And this outfit is so sweet. :)

  6. you look absolutely adorable in that t shirt dress! i love it!


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