Sunday, June 21, 2009


Cardigan - Lux, t shirt - American Apparel (before the ridiculous prices), skirt - Target, shoes - Dolce Vita, jewelry - miscellaneous.

Today was my first day of work, and I'm pretty tired from standing all day. And I didn't fall asleep at a very reasonable time either. Yeah, the combination of the two. I came home and read Time magazine and the new Elle that came... I have no idea when, but the fact that it's been here before today and I didn't notice it? Arggh.

But today is the first day of summer, and I suppose it's the solstice as well? I really wish people around here celebrated it, because it's worth celebrating, unlike all of those dumb holidays that benefit greeting card companies. Cough, cough, Valentine's Day. So pointless.

I guess I should cook my dinner now. And I have work tomorrow. At 9:30am. Can't say I'm too excited to be up that early... but hey, I'm glad I'll be getting out of my house. My dad goes back to work tomorrow too. It'll just be nice to have less people in the house, although my brother barely lives here unless he's with at least two other friends, my sister seems to have found someone to occupy her time, which leaves me stuck here alone. Yes, I have no friends.

Oh, there was a rainbow last night. I took this prior to having to chase my dog in the rain because my sister accidentally let her out. Yeah.

Hope you're all well, and happy summer!! xox Catherine


  1. i was so drawn by your gorgeous shoes!!!! strappies, i love them !!!!!!!!!!

  2. lol i barely ever see myfriends

    love the shoes

  3. Great outfit, I really like it! ;))

  4. I want to get a high waist skirt like that, I need to make my way over to Target.

  5. this outfit is so great im lovin the skirt with those sandals,
    you loook so adorable!

  6. hi darling !!! =) no i dont know about the dress, it is so funny because i was looking for the designer too but i coulnt find it.
    but im pretty sure someone would post a picture with the dress and will know =)

  7. Looove your shoes and that skirt looks wonderful :) Hope work isn't tiring you out too much!



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