Saturday, June 20, 2009

You still look at the world around you from a thousand miles away.

This is going to be a messy, messy post...

Cardigan - Lux via Plato's Closet, shirt - Macy's, shorts - Target, sandals - Sweet Life by Dolce Vita, necklace - mom's, cuff - thrifted.

Wore this to go to my friend's house. We basically sat around and talked, which is always nice. Taken inside due to inclement weather. Bought two packages of raspberries later in the evening, which I'm only mentioning because raspberries are my favorite (besides "perfect" strawberries).

Cardigan - Lux, top - gift (came from Victoria's Secret), shorts - American Eagle cut offs, sandals - Dolce Vita, bracelets (from left) - thrifted, flea market round 2, flea market round 1.

Oh look, I'm a silhouette girl! Sorry, I just like to pretend I'm funny. Wore this to go to a friend's party. Let's just say trampoline + flowy tops aren't a great combo. But I thought ahead and brought a tank top I could put under just in case. The party itself was alright, but for a few reasons it's making me reflect on myself and how I act towards other people. Won't go into that.

And some jewelry you haven't seen before on here!

Silver bracelet from Mexico, in a half off case at an antiques place. Supposedly bracelets like these were popular among tourists in the 1940s. I've never been there before, and let's just say I'm scared to get my first paycheck. Because surely I would love to blow it all on jewelry that will actually last.

Two rings, also from the antiques place. Considerably less expensive than the bracelet, but I love them and right now as I am typing I am admiring them. Someone please snap me out of this materialism...

The cuff on the left was my grandma's, and I fell in love with it years ago and I guess it's now a part of my collection. Though I will admit I'm a bit scared to lose or damage it. The one on the right is from the punk rock flea market that takes place twice a year at some venue in Philly.

And my growing jewelry collection. Not the best view of it, but it's all there.

Today I went to Target, along with a few other places. I bought a skirt that's basically a rip off of American Apparel. That's the way to go! Ha. I also saw the inside of a redone hippie van, which makes me want one. How awesome would it be to be known as the girl with the hippie van?

Oh, that punk rock flea market I mentioned, it's semi-annual and it's coming up! July 11 and 12... and I already know I'm working on those days. Damn. Maybe I'll somehow get there at least one of the days? And I don't know if I mentioned it, but I begin work tomorrow! Kind of nervous, kind of excited, and really glad there's no uniform.

On another note, many of you asked me to scan those photos I came across of my grandma. I will, I promise! And I just mentioned her above, so I'm pretty much obligated to mention that she was probably the biggest influence on me to become interested in clothing and style. Well, she and my aunt... but my aunt got it from her as well. I don't mean to get all sappy, but it's almost been four years since she passed away. RIP, Grandma.

By the way, since everyone's all complaining about shitty weather everywhere: it rained on Wednesday, Thursday, was fine on Friday (yesterday), and rained all of today up until about a half hour ago. Hope it's nicer where you are! xox Catherine


  1. i love hanging out wiith my best friend just taling watching bad tv

    love thosesandals

  2. This is a perfect weekend outfit. And I love those shoes!

  3. absolutely loving ur flats and jewellry thanks for stoppin by my blog

  4. I really like your flats! I haven't seen anything like them around.
    Mmmm... and your accessories are amazzzzing!
    I LOVE the thing they're hanging on too!


  5. these rings are so cute!
    lovely blog



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