Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back in the Day.

Finally got around to scanning those photos of my grandma that I mentioned. I feel terrible because I'm probably going to mistake someone else as her... But they were probably all people that were important in her life.

I'm pretty sure this is her, down the shore, probably in Atlantic City.

Nearly positive she's the one in the middle.

I don't believe she's in this, but it's a bit inspirational that they're sitting on the sidewalk wearing clothes that would be deemed "fancy" today. Everyday is worth getting dressed up!

I want to say this is her sister, but again, I'm not sure.

I don't believe either of these women is her.

I'm pretty sure this is her.

June 6, 1944.

With friends, or sisters? I'm absolutely positive she's the one second to the left.

She's on the far left. Look at all of their hair! If I could do hair, I'd definitely try out some vintage styles.

By the water. Second from right.

Only her arm is in this.

Again, I feel awful if I have misidentified her. But these photos are so inspirational to me. I've already mentioned that she was basically responsible for my interest in clothing, style and fashion, and I thank her for that. RIP, Grandma.


  1. wow i love all of these photos and the retro
    feel thanks for posting them

  2. Aww these are fantastic! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. These photos are so beautiful. They had such amazing style!

  4. aww rip.. she was so fashionable.. as u aree

  5. Oh my, your grandmother looked absolutely beautiful :) What amazing photographs, these are definitely inspirational dear.

  6. omg this pictures are so cool!
    and those dresses are so pretty so 40
    those eras were so awesome to live in , i bet , it was!


  7. You are on the project list dear :)

  8. Wow, thanks for sharing these photos! They're gorgeous! I love the dresses, sometimes I wish I lived earlier lol. x

  9. Wow stunning photos! I love the fashion on these..especially the floral dresses:)

  10. Your grandma is so pretty and super fabulous! Love the vintage pics!


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