Thursday, June 4, 2009


I forget where I found this, but it's safe to say this is not how I feel. However, I wish I was sitting in a field with the sun shining on me. It's rainy and cold out, and the stress is starting to affect me physically. I'm drainnnned. But it's Thursday, which means the week is 4/5 over in terms of school, and after tomorrow I'll have one week left. My schedule still isn't sorted out, I have to figure out my finals situation, and I have a few projects.

I doubt I'll have anything interesting to write about tomorrow, I'll probably take a nap when I come home. So to all of you - I hope you start your weekend well and that the weather's nicer where you are! xox Catherine

PS Some fabulous news! I'm now employed. The interview was today and I was kind of indecisive on how it went, but I finally have a job! And it seems like it'll be fun. I'm happy.


  1. I wish I was in that field too - It looks warm and lovely. Try not to get too stressed and congratulations on the job! I'm excited to see what lovely clothes you'll spend your wages on! :) x

  2. Lovely photo! And congrats on your new job!

    Btw you need to read and see Twilight!! haha

    Have a great weekend, darling! xx

  3. Congratulations on your new job, thats wonderful news! =]

    And as for school...i think the end of the year is always more stressful with exams and such, but summer is on its way! Hang in there sweetie



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