Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Maybe, maybe not...

Cardigan - Lux via Plato's Closet, dress - Converse for Target, shoes - Target, necklace - random goth website, bracelets - flea market and mom (where else?).

I thought it was going to storm so I hurried while taking these, but it's getting sunny again. It probably will indeed rain sometime tonight though.

Probably not the best outfit to pose sitting down in, but whatever, I always wear shorts underneath dresses. So whenever I wear dresses, I'm pretty much sure to be comfy. I am seriously living in these shoes and I desperately want other pairs of sandals, a few wedges, etc... hopefully I'll get that job! I hate sounding so centered on money, but when I have about $5, it's more of an issue than I'd like it to be.

My toenail looks weird in the second picture, but it looks normal on my foot. Hmm. I guess I'm feeling a little critical today! Have I ever mentioned I consider myself really unphotogenic, but that I think I look pretty usually in person? ...Now I'm conceited. I'll stop with this.

Countdown: seven days?! (nine including weekends...)

Hope you're having a nice day! xox Catherine

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PPS I got an interview for the job I mentioned! Ah, what shall I wear... I'm a little nervous now.


  1. I love the color purple! Nice outfit.

    Can I be added to your blog roll?

  2. love ur dress, the colors is so lovely!!

  3. im telling you , you have the most fun summer dresses ever. i love this white one, looks so cute

    good luck in your interview, remember not to be nervous those bastards can sense that hahhaha
    and be confident even if you dont feel like
    dont wear a black dress is so predictable!

  4. Good luck on that interview, darling!:*

    And you look lovely as always! That necklace is great!


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