Monday, June 15, 2009

...and the living's easy.

Tshirt - Forever 21, shorts - DIY from random box, sandals - Target, hat - Heritage, jewelry - mom's, flea market and thrift store.

I'm freeeee.

These are the bleached shorts I believe I mentioned before. Wish they looked a bit more tie dyed, but I'll live.

My day has consisted of taking my math final (HARD! I don't understand calculus!), going to a thrift store with my mom, sleeping, and eating raspberry Silk yogurt.

My thrift store finds:

The bracelet in the third and four pictures will probably become a new favorite. It has a weird pin closure, it's heavy and it has a sticker on the inside that says India and possibly the word Trading, but I can't tell. I love imagining stories behind pieces such as this.

And a bracelet my mom really liked, so I bought it for her:

It says Hollycraft COPR 1953, and I browsed online to see if I could find anything about it, just out of curiosity. I came across similar bracelets, all well over $100. Not bad for $6, eh?

This post already has a ton of photos, but my creative side came out over the weekend and I painted a little using watercolors. It's a section of my face. And it's not supposed to look realistic... that's when I'd use oil paints. But I wish I put a little more detail into the eye.

I also began (and mostly finished) a simple white woven skirt:

And I'll also be making a similar one in navy, though it may be a bit more puffy if I don't have to double the fabric up.

Whew, long post! But I hope you're all having a wonderful day, xox Catherine

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  1. Wow, what wonderful treasure finds!

    x M

  2. Your camera takes really good close ups!
    Sweet bleached shorts and skirt.

  3. i love your style and the shorts looks so great on you

    iam now following your blog on bloglovin and look forward to your posts:)

  4. oh , i love the gray shirt your wearing with those shorts, awesome

  5. Thanks:) And you should go get your permit... or license soon girl! I know a lot of people who put off getting their permits and whatnot, but I just really wanted to get mine as soon as possible, so I can get my license as soon as possible when I turn 16.

    And, what kind of camera do you use?
    I am having a good day! I hope you are too!

  6. ahh sick cuff..Thrift stores for life baby

    the fashion kiwi

  7. love ur hat, btw u look so nice :)

  8. love this effortless look! i have the same sandals and they're pretty freaking awesome.

    those bracelets are excellent thrift finds! my local store is alwayssssss low on good cuffs.

  9. Wow, great finds! And I totally love your hat. I really need one, I've found one but I'm not sure it fits me lol. The shorts are f-ing awesome!!

  10. That's interesting that you get your license when you're 16 and half. Never heard of that before... And I guess being able to get a ride to the DMV would help you to get your license, lol.

    Craigslist, sounds cool. I guess if the camera's in good condition, it wouldn't matter if it's secondhand. Thanks, I'll check it out.

  11. i love your gladiator sandals, and the lovely thrifted jewelry finds! i've enjoyed seeing your blog improve over the months-keep up the great work! =)

  12. lovely outfit - and i adore the watercolor!

  13. Love your outfit! Fab look:))
    Love your finds as well! especiallt those cuffs and bracelets;D And the white skirt is so cool!:D

  14. Love this DIY and such fabulous finds! :)

  15. Love this DIY and such fabulous finds! :)


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