Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm secretly hoping I'll grow bored enough within the next few days that I get over sulking around and I can finish/begin some DIY projects... including a navy version of the skirt I posted yesterday. And the rest of the ideas I have in my mind involve rayon. Oh, and a few involve ripping off American Apparel. All good, right?

xox Catherine

from weheartit.

PS Let's link?!


  1. Get around to those DIY's so you can post them!

  2. love the concept of this shot, the pearls and radio, lovely x

  3. omg the sun did not wanna come out for like the past 2 weeks ago but it seems that this week is going to be very sunny weather.

    i love this picture here, shorts are fun to wear!!!

  4. lovely photo
    take a look http://photoinsideout.blogspot.com/

  5. I wish I had time for DIY projects... I love the pic, the hair and the glasses are great.

  6. Good luck with those! Hope we'll see them soon:) :*


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