Saturday, June 13, 2009


Ashlee Simpson @ Silhouette Girl
From weheartit.

Kind of LOVE the print of that dress, though I wish I was wearing it and not Ashlee Simpson...

I'm waiting, waiting, waiting. I was hoping I'd be able to FINALLY get over to Goodwill, but it closes at 6pm, in 45 minutes, and no one else is near ready. So to just Whole Foods? I seriously need some sunscreen. And maybe by the pet store to play with some puppies, and although it's impossible to frown while petting a puppy, it does upset me that their mothers are probably treated unfairly.

I haven't written anything lately though I've had an abundance of free time... these past three days have absolutely sucked and all I want to do is nothing because I have no options. At least I'll be done school by 9:30am on Monday, so pointless though :/


  1. Ashlee looks really good her.. Must be one the old photos, right? :) I love the dress!

  2. i think she looks better with this nose hahha
    but yes i love this print on her dress

  3. nice dress...i absolutely ADORE her hair! :P

  4. im always amazed when people manage to find decent finds @ goodwill
    I /never/ can find anything remotely good!
    Very envious of those that do.

  5. This is slightly unrelated (well, completely unrelated) but I found your blog a while ago and fell in love with it. I love your outfits and posts and follow them -- and I have never considered myself a fashion person! Keep it up :)

  6. Aw, to Anonymous: that's such a huge compliment! Really, I'm flattered! :D


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