Monday, May 25, 2009

Just getting it out there:

I really want to try to batik or dye using some other resist technique. I want patterns in my life, but I'm ultra picky with them, so I suppose I could trust myself...

I may try to beg someone to take me to a Goodwill store sometime tomorrow. Everything's half off, and I'm sure I could find money somewhere (I have $2 in my wallet, I need a job!!).

Oh, and I went on a slight adventure today. Spontaneously went to a barbeque somewhere, then walked to a technically off-limits overgrown field. I must go back there and take photos. Truthfully, I would have enjoyed myself much more if I was comfortable - comfy shoes and not wishing I brought my camera (I'm still very afraid of taking it anywhere), but still, I got out so I am quite content.

Happy Memorial day to all! I think I should get some sleep, this is the second night I've stayed up pretty late... I absolutely cannot wait for summer. xox Catherine

But before I leave, Anne Vyalitsyna in the editorial "Here Comes the Sun" in the summer issue of H&M magazine:


  1. lovely photos! lol, i need a job too!

    happy memorial day

  2. wow I love the first photo!! and I wish we had goodwill in england :(

  3. Wow, love the photos!! And I don' like bad weather, it makes me kinda down lol.

    Have a great day though! x


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