Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What I'm Wearing!

Cardigan - Forever 21, shirt - Macy's, jeans - Delia's, boots - Modcloth.

Hello! I must admit, I wasn't in a good mood this morning but I'm totally fine now. I think recieving a few compliments boosted my self esteem, I can't help it. My day wasn't that exciting, but the McQ collection launched at Target today. Thoughts? I mean, I knew what all was coming but I'm slightly disappointed. And I'm now on as well as Chictopia. Check me out here.

Oh, and I think this may be the one piece of printed clothing I own. It's still mostly black, so not really helping out with my color rut, but I'll get there... And I so wish I had high waisted jeans or shorts to wear with this, I'd wear it so often. But for now, I'll look like a pregnant woman in it.


  1. I love this! The boots are just so cute!
    I wish I was on lookbook, but I need someone to invite me or to get accepted myself sigh. I do enjoy looking at all of the amazing outfits though!

  2. ooo! i love the shirt!
    you're on chictopia? i'm not, but one of my BFFs is: pink_champagne (at least i think that's what her screename is).

  3. aww thanks hun! it's
    i really appreciate it!!!


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