Monday, March 2, 2009


We were informed last night that we would have off today, before it really started to snow. That was lucky and surprising because normally my school wouldn't do such a thing. So, of course, I stayed up late again (3am) and woke up before I got my eight hours of sleep I need. I've been doing mostly nothing today. I made some pancakes that filled me up and now the idea of eating anything is ludicrous! Love but hate when that happens. And I'm so bored that I've been entering giveaways all day, sparked by when I redeemed points on Chictopia for eyeliner. Scoreee, one of the things I've been saving up for was eyeliner! So now I'm trying to find more ways to get free stuff... I'm just really bored and I think a magazine would be the perfect way to cure my boredom but I've already looked at the most recent ones several times and I'm pretty much snowed in.

I'm more than envious of anyone whose weather is above fifty degrees right now.

And I really want to become a member of because I've been lurking it for months and months but I've never gotten an email back. Maybe someone could help me out?...

Oh, and if anyone is interested in linking, I'd be more than glad to!

And I feel obligated to post some sort of asthetically pleasing picture, so here:

From Stylesightings.

Last bit for this post: I think I may make a new header sometime today by hand. I lack skills in computer graphics, but I definitely enjoy doodling and making my own fonts by hand :)


  1. Heyy link me?
    ill send u an invite to lookbook. i don't really know how though haha. whats your email?

  2. I really love the second streetstyle!

  3. I love the second street style, too!
    The Starbucks cup (I swear) has turned into an accessory! lol


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