Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Miss This.

It is 5:04am, and I am still not asleep. This is probably the latest I've stayed up since summer, and right now I'm browsing through the tons of pictures from summer. It's so weird to think that my hair was long at one point, and there's just little changes such as my make up that I never even realized I changed. But the biggest difference is my hair... more than six and a half inches is definitely noticeable! I want the leaves to come back and I want to feel the warm breeze and I think I could even go for a sun burn. It's March, which means three months ago was the beginning of December and in three months it will be the beginning of June. I want to grasp every second and actually live my life, but at the same time I just want to fast forward until some unknown but pleasant time in the future. I think I may want to dye my hair dark again but I don't think I do because my hair is finally back to its true natural color (after getting two substantial haircuts, I'd be shocked if it wasn't). I think I shall write more later when I am not delirious.


  1. I can't wait til summer, when exams will be over and fun will be had!

  2. I already miss the winter, and not too thrilled about the upcoming summer, I guess it's because I live in a (too) sunny place.


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