Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Adventures

Silhouette Girl personal style college fashion blog Philadelphia
Top - H&M (similar here), jeans - Asos, cuff - antique, purse - Lulu's (similar here), shoes - We Who See

I wore this on Friday to start a weekend full of rather spontaneous adventures. I went to dinner with my friend Lauren at a farm-to-table restaurant called Harvest, which is quite good. I ordered a veggie burger and Chinese stir fry, both delicious and filling. After we finished, we met up with some of her friends and my sister, and we were on our way to a magical playground with a wooden castle I've been to a few times before.

Silhouette Girl personal style college fashion blog Philadelphia Silhouette Girl personal style college fashion blog Philadelphia

We made plans to go on another adventure sometime in the near future, so to my surprise, I was woken up by Lauren telling me we were going to Saint Pete's Village. It's a little historical town out in Chester County by French Creek State Park, and our main purpose of visiting was to climb the rocks along the creek. It was terrifying, but very fun. After a long day of walking, we returned to my house where we ate dinner and contemplated heading into the city for tattoos. We ended up staying here and listening to old music we used to like in middle school, which was pretty fun.

She wanted to get a tattoo Sunday morning, so I told her I would accompany her. I had the slight inclination to finally get my first tattoo - something I've been pondering for months? years? - so I brought in a few sketches to the shop (Body Graphics in Philly) and did it. I now have a beautiful poppy located on the underside of my left upper arm. I'm very pleased with how it turned out! I posted a few photos on Tumblr/Twitter, but once it's healed a little I'll be sure to post better ones. And given its location, it's sure to make appearances in my regular photos...

How's that for an adventurous weekend?

xox Catherine

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  1. This dress is looking very beautiful on you. I simply love your photos because you are looking very stylish in this pair. Keep posting dear..:)

  2. That's so fun that you got your first tattoo! I can't wait to see it all healed up.
    Also you look super cute in your casual outfit. Those white jeans look awesome on you and I'm loving your shoes too.


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