Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nothing seems as pretty as the past, though

Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog Philadelphia
Jacket - Urban Outfitters, jumper - H&M, cuff - antique, skirt - Lulu's via, socks - Target, shoes - Marais USA

Winter here in Philly hasn't been so wintry - in fact, the end of February was quite mild, hence no pants again. Not to be redundant, but I'm so excited for warmer weather, frolicking, picnicking and whatever else.

I don't know why I don't wear this skirt more often. It's pleated, comfortable, and goes with everything. And in case it isn't evident, I'm quite fond of these shoes I purchased from Modcloth a few months ago. London definitely influenced my preferences in footwear...

Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog Philadelphia

I wore this last Monday to classes and such. I haven't really much to write about other than that I've been keeping busy with school, work, absurd amounts of naps, putting together transfer applications, etc.

Hope all is well!

xox Catherine

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  1. Lovely combination of blacks in different textures, I especially love the skirt and shoes. I also couldn't be more thrilled by our lack of winter weather, seeing as I despise being cold! And best of luck with your transfer applications!


    Also, Fluorescent Adolescent is one of my favorite songs, a wonderful example of Alex Turner's mastery of words

  2. LOVE the skirt... the pleats are very flattering

  3. Very cool outfit! I really love your leather jacket and those adorable shoes. The combination of all the black pieces in this outfit is really cool.


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