Friday, August 5, 2011

Battle of the Shoes

Silhouette Girl style fashion blog Pixie Market Rachel Comey

1. Cut Off Buckle Booties, $85 at Pixie Market
2. Fraction Booties, $225 by Rachel Comey

These shoes have similar features, but there's obvious differences as well. My vote will always go with Rachel Comey whenever a battle of the shoes begins, but the price, the lower heel, and the synthetic leather give the Pixie Market boots a good fight. However, I'm more keen on ankle boots at higher heel heights, but I'm not sure the lower of these two even qualify as "boots." More like "shooties," no?

Decisions, decisions.

xox Catherine

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  1. Hey, if it's within your price range, go for the Rachel Comey shoes--to be honest, they look better than the other pair. If it's not, though, go for the less expensive ones. No point breaking the bank over a pair of shoes, right? They're both pretty cute, though :)

  2. oh gosh.. I'm always such a fan of Rachel Comey! Everything she does is perfection...


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