Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Thoughts for Tuesday, v.14: Investment Pieces

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I've quit Forever 21 for some time now. I don't bother to go in when I'm at any mall, and their website is no longer one of my must-look shops. If I do ever make my way into the store, I usually see a few cute pieces, even classic pieces, but I never bother to try anything on, much less actually buy anything.

Almost nothing at Forever 21 is made to last, and that's a quality that has begun to irk me. Granted, I'm broke, and moving to London in a few months so I really don't have any money to spare on new clothes. However, a few new things have entered my closet recently that possessed price tags higher than I'm accustomed to. True, I've gotten good deals (See by Chloe and Stella McCartney sandals, a beautiful tie-dye dress I have yet to wear...) but the value simply seems better, in the long run.

I've never really been one to buy anything and everything - most of my purchases are well thought out, and impulse buys end up serving me well. I'd just rather a pair of shoes, albeit more expensive, that will last a few seasons opposed to something that falls apart by the end of summer.

I'm not swearing off "cheap" clothing entirely - ASOS and H&M items are still high on a few wishlists. But it seems I'm in a transitioning period, in more than one way. It's occurred to me that I have a month and a half left to do a closet clean-out before I leave the country - including many items I initially anticipated to sell through a blog shop.

My current favorites will remain just that until they've worn out, but my standards for replacements will be higher. My ideal wardrobe will probably take years to build, but I'm in absolutely no hurry.

xox Catherine

PS I know I'm not obliged to apologize, but it's been irritating me that I haven't been posting as much. I've been lazy. Very, very lazy. I need to leave my house more.

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  1. Don't worry about not posting. It happens to all of us at some point in our lives! Anyway, I understand what you mean about buying things that will eventually always be in style and will have better quality. I am just so weak! I can't help it! I end up buying stuff I seriously don't need (and hardly wear) at forever 21 constantly! And every time I see something cute, but pricey I just turn it down instead of thinking "I should save some money and buy this". Because I think that buying something good will actually make you feel great! I just don't know how :P

    I hope we (because I am being the same) can beat this laziness that has taken over our days and nights! It's frustrating actually.

  2. I'm such a Forever 21 junky. I can hardly look at the price tags at other mall stores. Except H&M, which I love too. I think Forever 21 is good for trendier items that don't have to last forever because they won't even be in style a year from now. It's also nice for t-shirts and tank tops for underneath other clothes because those won't last forever anyway. I agree with getting basic staples from somewhere with more consistant quality though. I'm a student so I don't really need lasting workware or anything yet. When I do, I'll invest in some higher quality basics!

    I totally understand your laziness. I've hardly left the house all week and I'm starting to feel quite lethargic!

  3. My country doesn't have F21 (although it appears to be spreading around Europe) but I agree with you anyway. I think in a lot of the places you can find the occasional good quality thing if you search diligently and refuse to buy crap, but usually I just stop going in after a while. And I find there's a lot more satisfaction to be had in paying a bit more and having something that not everybody has, and that just looks a bit better quality going down the street.

    I've been watching girls walking around all summer, and most are wearing these really cheap crappy sundresses that hang badly and just look cheap and that I bet they only bought the week before. I'm no one to judge and I certainly have a few myself, but I feel like everyone would look better if they bought less and more wisely.

    Hehe, sorry for mega-comment!

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