Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Thoughts for Tuesday, v.12: Sincerity in Blogging, and Life

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It's not seldom that someone (in real life) calls me rude. I'm a bit introverted, a little awkward, I daydream frequently (thus distracting myself), and my sense of humor heavily relies on sarcasm. I do not believe I am rude - my voice is quiet, often to an inaudible degree, I suppose. Friends, family, and whoever else told me I needed to become more outgoing. Long story short, I accepted that I'm just not a social butterfly and my personality is a little awkward (but endearing). So what?

My real-life demeanor is barely evident on my blog. My writing is indeed personal, but my carefree attitude isn't always displayed to onlookers. I've been told I'm too serious, but once someone gets to know me, he or she would say otherwise. However, amongst people I don't know too well, I'm a different person. Perhaps it's partly due to my natural shyness, but regardless, it can feel a little fake. There's a time and place for certain behavior, and I often feel that my true personality does come off as rude. So I ditch it.

I'll switch the focus to how this relates in blogging, since I've been talking about myself nonstop on here. We can all appreciate niceness, but there's a point at which someone may seem too polite. It doesn't seem sincere. Not always, anyway.

I'm just as guilty. Come on, I think we can all admit to commenting on other blogs just for the sake of commenting and possibly gaining exposure. It's this type, from my observation, that tend to be inauthentic. Granted, one doesn't typically make an effort to comment on something a little lackluster, but telling another her dress is nice and typing all those characters into the word verification box is barely worth it. Unless of course, you're trying to reach out in as few words as possible. Or maybe you're just too tired or lack time. I can't speak for everyone, but it happens.

I suppose I'm one of those people who believes sincerity and being genuine have merit, and that a good personality is truly valuable. Maybe that's bullshit, but why pretend to give a damn when you don't?

xox Catherine

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  1. yeah oftentimes i just want to say what i want but people are hurt by words. then again not being honest ends up hurting more in the long run. blogging really walks the fine line between narcissism and productivity. i'm glad you're keeping it real

  2. very true. we've all been guilty, but i'm glad you (and all of us should!) see the fault in it. love your thoughts on it!


  3. Very good point (as always!). It's definitely true that some people are only interested in blogging for fame or commenting for exposure. I can only speak for myself when I say I'm blogging because I sincerely enjoy doing it, and I like to preserve a bit of integrity by commenting on things that I truly find interesting and not just for the sake of doing so.



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