Friday, June 17, 2011

Graduation Day

Silhouette Girl style fashion blog Philadelphia
Dress - Urban Outfitters, necklace - Piper Blue on Etsy, cuff - my sister's, shoes - Calvin Klein via Buffalo Exchange

I took these photos prior to heading out for a graduation rehearsal then the actual ceremony. I bought this dress the other day and sort of fell in love. It fits perfectly, and isn't quite like any other dress I own. The material is lightweight and silky, but not actual silk. Score.

This beautiful necklace arrived in my mailbox yesterday morning. I had a similar vintage necklace, but I lost it this past winter. I loved the uniqueness of it, and even though the sentimental value is gone, this cottonwood leaf will replace it quite nicely, I think.

Silhouette Girl style fashion blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style fashion blog Philadelphia

I was expecting a long, drawn out ceremony like last year's, but it didn't drag on nearly as much as I expected it. Also, I was delightfully surprised at winning one of eight awards! Truthfully, I was a little zoned out, but I heard something pertaining to achievement in visual and performing arts. And what do you know, I won. I'm honestly very proud of myself - something that's a little rare since I'm so critical most of the time.

That felt more like an accomplishment than simply graduating. I usually say I don't/didn't put much effort into my work at high school, but that was sort of just an excuse or preventative measure so I wouldn't care when I wouldn't be recognized. I know, I know - that's sort of lame and that recognition can be overrated, but out of all the talented people that could have won it, it was me. And it feels good.

Silhouette Girl style fashion blog Philadelphia

After the ceremony, my family, a few friends and I went to the Wayne location of White Dog Cafe. It was really nice, even with the torrential downpour upon exiting.

Today shall involve cleaning my room, and hopefully purchasing a new computer (Macbook Pro!) with my award.

I'm happy.

xox Catherine

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  1. Congrats on your award! That's a fantastic accomplishment. Your shoes look pretty stellar too, I love the way the top wraps around.


  2. this dress is stunning on you!

  3. congrats! you look super stunning, way mature :)

  4. I totally feel you. I never did anything in high school either because I god good grades whether I tried or not, but it also made me worry about whether I would be able to put in the effort if it WAS required of me, like when I'd go to uni. Not trying too hard was a way of shielding myself from possible failure too.

    btw you look amazing, sexy but classy :)

  5. congrats on officially finishing high school and that dress fits perfectly for the occasion! It looks very neat, but still edgy, that makes sense, right? Anyway, I know that you'll enjoy your college experience! best thing ever :)


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