Saturday, December 4, 2010


Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Cardigan - BDG, tshirt - Wildfox, cuff - my grandmom's, jeans - H&M, boots - Dr. Martens

So, I wore this for the conclusion of wearing my new Docs all week. Maybe I'm the only person that does this... but so far, they're approximately $18 per wear. Yeah, I'm going to get my money's worth with these.

My lovely sister was kind enough to take these photos for me - on her birthday! She's nineteen now. We were originally going to go to the mall so she could pick something out, but then something else came up, and that ended up failing with a bit of teenage girl drama. And I'm not one to engage in drama.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia

I'm excited to (hopefully!) get a new lens for Christmas. Yesterday my friend taught me how to enlarge negatives, and surprisingly one print came out fairly well. I left it soaking though, otherwise I would have scanned it.

I'm trying to take a more DIY approach to gifts this year - normally I'm one to avoid taking much pride in my art work, but I have a few ideas that I'm sure will mean more than another scented candle.

What are you planning on getting your loved ones for the holidays?

xox Catherine

PS 177 followers?! Expect a giveaway once I hit 200 :)


  1. I just saw you on Chictopia, and I'm so glad I checked out your blog, because it's awesome! I'll for sure be following from now on.

  2. i'm making my mom a quilt! it's going to be quite an experience, as i've never quilted before.

  3. Love that first pic! You really rock those shoes. And dude, I thought I was the only one that did the daily money thing! I figure if it's gotten down to $1 per wear, then I've scored. Haha. That's really exciting to know I'm not the only one that does that though. :P

    That's awesome youre making progress with college apps! :D I'm pretty sure I'm heading East, and if I'm ever in the Philly area, I'll hit you up and it'd be stellar if we could meet. ;) And congrats on your increasing number of followers! Mine kinda stopped at 100ish once school started. Haha.

    I'm actually sort of clueless on what I'm getting ppl this year for Xmas... :S

    Hope all is well for you too! Loved hearing from you! :):)
    erin :)


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