Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Sweater - thrifted, jewelry (most) - antique, jeans - Delia's, boots - Doc Martens

I feel like a terrible blogger. A week since my last post? I'm slacking... but I'll blame the cool rainy weather as opposed to anything I've done.

I've worn my Docs everyday this week, which I love because I love them, but I also frown at this because it's cold. Hasn't surpassed 70 degrees in what feels like forever. I'm already itching for the return of warm weather. On the bright side, I'm (sort of) feeling inspired again, it didn't rain today, I drank acai green tea, and I managed to get a shot from my pinhole camera (aka my box).

Tomorrow I plan to go out with a friend to take photos - pretty excited to see how said adventure will turn out.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia pinhole camera

...I suppose you can make out that the image above is leaves, right? Right? Okay, maybe I'm just too fascinated by the fact that a box can serve as an image recorder. But fascination is good and I've missed it over these past couple weeks.

xox Catherine


  1. I've missed your posts!!!

    You look lovely as usual :) and I love how you wear your jeans... very effortless!

  2. Haven't been here since you changed your banner, but I love love love it!


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