Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Making it work

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Cardigan - Forever 21, dress - vintage, cuff - antique, boots - Deena and Ozzy

I tried to make this dress a little more autumn-appropriate. I wore this yesterday to school, then changed before I went to a friend's house because I thought I might have been taking a walk. I didn't.

I'm so insatiably underwhelmed lately. I have a list of possible culprits in my head, but I don't have the motivation to spell them out on paper. I need to remind myself that making lists does wonders for organizing my thoughts... but alas, nope.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia

I'm hoping this weekend will bring a bit of spark. I'm finally visiting my sister at college - there's going to be a flea market this weekend, so we agreed it would be a cool time to go.

And can I note that yet another month has passed and we're going to enter the double-digit months? Yes? Very well then.

xox Catherine


  1. i truly understand what you feel, these days id like to do some things, but i cant find the energy to get up and make them happen!
    still, your outfit is adorable and that flea market youll see this weekend really seems nice,actually you just made me want to go to one!
    lets hope for that spark ! xx

  2. That dress is lovely, it looks very cute with the cardi over top.
    Have fun visiting your sister! Flea markets are the best!!

  3. I'm so overwhelmed lately too. I just have to remember that I can only do one thing at a time. Or else, I'll totally overload myself.

    And I thought you should know, you always wear the best shoes ever. Love them!


  4. i love everything about this outfit!! ^.^ya have a super cute blog here xo~ check out my blog & follow if ya like!

    ps-i have a giveaway, ends 0ct9 ^.^

  5. Double digit months is just the first step to Christmas, logs in the fire place, family holidays and snuggling on the couch with a movie marathon. I love this time of year.

    xo Michelle

  6. that dress is soo cute! i love it and it looks great on you. I know what flea market your talking about and i might be going! although i might not because my boyfriend is coming to visit and i might meet up with him in philly.

  7. This is a beautiful look! I appreciate it the first time I saw it on Chictopia! Great blog too! I'm following you now!

    I've just started a blog myself. Check it out if you have the time:

  8. I like your blog. Your style is adorable!


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