Thursday, September 16, 2010


Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Operation Ivy H&M Forever 21
Tshirt - random, vest - gift, jeans - H&M, bracelets - antique, wedges - Forever 21

Wearing these shoes again despite the fact that they're uncomfortable... but I think some insoles might enhance them. I kind of seem to have attitude in these photos, which is just hilarious because I tend to be the least intimidating person ever. Yet some people still tell me I am... I'm 5'3" and pretty tiny. I'm rather quiet and I laugh a lot. Not very scary, in my opinion!

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Operation Ivy H&M Forever 21
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Operation Ivy H&M Forever 21
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Operation Ivy H&M Forever 21

I made some pasta with garlic broccoli for my mom and I. Truthfully, I enjoy cooking for people who are receptive, but: some tend to sign off anything I make because of the fact that I'm vegan, and if it's really delicious I want to eat it all myself.

Anyway, I'm finally getting prepared to get prepared to apply to college. Sounds so indirect... but it'll happen sooner than I'd like to admit!

And I have the October issue of Elle sitting on the table next to me. Looks like I'll be able to avoid my homework a little longer...

xox Catherine


  1. Love the 'tude in these pictures.

    Quiet=Intimidating btw. Spoken from a fellow quiet soul.

  2. simple rock aznd just perfect casual outfit! i really like those wegdes, theyre really hot at the moment and yours are simple but just right.
    havent been on your blog for a while but every latest post is lovely, as always ;)

  3. great blog the shoes r awesome!
    Come Follow & Vote for me xoxo

  4. despite the fact that it's way more tough than my normal style, i secretly wish i could pull off this kind of look every now and then! i think it's great, and what cute shoes too. it's a shame they're so uncomfy. i was telling some of the other bloggers that if they ever see me in heels on my blog it's JUST for photos, i'm a poser. most of them said they did the same thing! to me they're beautiful in concept, but so dang hard on the feets!

    you did a great job at the conference and it was such a pleasure to meet you!

    oh! and it's funny what you said about my photos from New York. How did I not take one street photo?? I guess I was too busy finding flower stands and pretty backdrops, proof that you can't take the south out of this girl.

  5. You are so good at rockin' the rocker chic look. I've probably said that before. xD

    Man, I haven't visited your blog in a while! I don't know how you manage to blog in the midst of senior year. Well, I guess it is my fault that I'm taking mucho AP classes. But anyway, that's awesome your startin college apps! I'm so nervous that I won't get in to a school that I love, but hopefully everything turns out swell. I'm definitely headin' east, so maybe I'll see you one day. :]


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