Monday, August 30, 2010

Style Crush: Fearne Cotton

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Fearne Cotton

I don't know what's up with British television presenters being so stylish - probably more so than their American counterparts, but what do I know, I barely watch television. (See also: Alexa Chung, yes?) Anyway, I've heard the name many times but never really registered her as being worthy of style-stalking. After browsing the Fashion Spot, I decided this Brit would make a cool Style Crush-ee.

Her style isn't really over the top or very extravagant - it's practical. With school starting and knowing that I'll have to take public transportation frequently, I might need a little inspiration to keep me from going to my simple self-imposed uniform.

And shall I mention her hair? Or her socks peeping out from her smart footwear? Enough said.

xox Catherine

PS: (A side note) I'm so tired - I've been up since 7:30am (fell asleep at 3:30am, naturally) and I had my first class today. I ran into a few friends on campus but left as soon as I could to take a nap on my sofa. Also: I need to complete about three more art projects within the next week. I think I'll opt for watercolors, in case anyone was wondering. Cool.

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  1. I love Fearn and Alexa's style! It's leaidback but edgy, mixing masculine with feminine pieces = total perfection.

    Lovely blog btw hun!


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