Monday, April 19, 2010

Lula issue ten magazine drapey Meadham Kirchhoff Chloe Alexander McQueen

via Lula issue 10

I picked up Lula this past weekend with basically my last $20. So expensive, but it's pretty much like a book... pretty pages and interesting words and devoid of articles and advertisements that assume I think I'm fat.


And this draping? Ah, so lovely. I love that it's bad ass, yet pulled together (literally). Not trying too hard, but just the right amount.


It's a little chilly (comparatively) so I wore jeans today, thus no outfit photo. And I'm actually partaking in after-school activities - I went out for the play festival that my school has. So far, so good!

It seems that this May will be hectic and stressful, which is a shame because it's my favorite month. A myriad of AP exams in the beginning (including Stat and Spanish on the same day - oh my) and various projects. Hopefully I'll have enough time to enjoy the sun and nice weather I'm wishing for.

xox Catherine

PS My Moschino skirt has shipped and I can't wait.


    yess, love the pretty skirt pulled together with the studded belts

  2. wow that is expensive for a magazine but i hear its so good ive nevereven seen one in person lol . i would probably buy it if i had the money. . i admire your devotion .i remeber a while back i wudd do the same pay like 20 for a britsh vogue, the newstand guy was like WHHAT! but he was happy i bet


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