Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What is it?

Cardigan - BDG, oversize tshirt - H&M, leggings - Forever 21, boots - Doc Marten, jewelry - antique

It feels later than 6:30pm, but lo and behold, it is. Today hasn't been too exciting or noteworthy. However, it's supposed to snow again, so there's speculation about school cancellations. While I want spring weather right now, I don't think I'd mind because I would have the opportunity to paint. I'm trying to gather images that remind me of the setting of True Blood... the fictional Bon Temps, Louisiana.

Picked this shirt up at H&M over the weekend. Didn't feel like trying it on - I despise trying clothes on! It was $6 so I just went ahead. I think it will be a spring staple. I'm really itching to go to a huge chain thrift store, such as Goodwill. Is it crazy that I've never been there? Probably.

Hope you're well! xox Catherine


  1. I love the outfit!! I want all the shoes on your floor :D

    I feel you on the snow, we have sooooo much of it!

  2. No worries, I've never been to chain thrift stores either!

    As always, jealous of your shoe collection. <3

  3. what a great buy! and i'm actually craving snow so much! seattle hasn't had any snow this winter, except for 1 or 2 times when it snowed for about 5 minutes. haha. please send your snow to seattle. ;)

    and that makes two of us! i haven't visited a huge chain thrift store either. :)

  4. lovin the stripes!

  5. I really like your outfit the doc martens and the oversize t shirt match really well especially with the shape of the long cardigan.
    From Dolly

  6. Cute t-shirt!;))

    xoxo M.

  7. Ooh neat! Me too, I always get super giddy feeling and excited when I meet other vegans :)
    Your dress/outfit is amazing btw.

  8. Oh my goshhh! When I was getting dressed today, I was totally wishing that my shirt would become a dress like this. Weirdddd.

    But hey, I've been pretty good. Ya know, just living life, not much to talk about. How about you?

  9. I love the ruffle thing on the hem of the shirt. And I'm so jealous of your Doc Martens...need to get myself a pair. =]


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