Wednesday, February 24, 2010

F/W RTW 2011

Two favorites so far:

Marc by Marc Jacobs

It's not that I'm not a fan of Marc Jacobs in either of his eponymous lines. But I'm not consistently smitten and I don't consider emptying my bank accounts to purchase clothing from M by MJ too frequently. And while this is no exception (designer pieces I own = 0), there's definitely a cool vibe. I guess the military jacket trend will continue into fall. Which makes me want to purchase one... the one I saw at H&M this past weekend for $50. An investment in my book, especially considering that I already have a "light jacket." But there's room for more. But that's how my clothing obsessions begin. Anyway...

Organic by John Patrick

I usually get the gist of what styles come from which decades. "Scandalous" in the 20's, a little conservative in the 30's, less fabric in the 40's, swingy skirts of the 50's... which brings me to the 60's, which this collection is definitely inspired by. I'll admit that the 60's don't particularly wow me, but this does (as well as his S/S collection!). The dress in the first photo? Lovely. And organic isn't just a trendy word used to describe the inspiration and flow of the fabrics - the fabrics are in fact organic. Being the environmental nerd I am, yeah, these are cool.

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