Friday, September 4, 2009

A Preview.

A few of my latest purchases.

Deena and Ozzy heels, Urban Outfitters.

Urban Vibe necklace, Wet Seal.

Bag, Aldo.

I'm quite content. Clearly, I'm feeling studs for this fall.

My other new additions to my wardrobe include two pairs of jeans, a plain navy tshirt, and a belt. Oh, and I've formed a new addiction - rose salve. It smells amazing and makes my lips so soft.

I really hope I'll be able to sit down and just catch up sometime soon. Until then,
xox Catherine.


  1. Sooo, them shoes is pretty coolllll.

  2. the shoes are FAB!

    you are right studs are great and sequins and zippers !

  3. Oh my! I have been eyeing those shoes at UO for such a long time already.. :( Are they comfy?

  4. really amazing stuff :)

  5. Great purchases! That bag is lovely.

  6. i cant believe i missed commenting on those shoes! omg!


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