Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Met Costume Institute Gala - Part 2

Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs - Marc Jacobs
Of course. But of course, nice.

Katy Perry - Tommy Hilfgier
Maybe it's just this photo, but she looks really glamorous.

Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson and Stella McCartney - Stella McCartney
Love all of it.

Lou Doillon - Nina Ricci
Red+ruffles = awesome.

John Galliano and Marion Cotillard - Christian Dior
I love this dress.

Rachel Bilson - Bally
Could've been better in my opinion, but I'll always love her! Maybe it's her hair...

Rose Byrne - Marc Jacobs
Gorgeous color.

Sophie Buhail and Lisa Mayock - Vena Cava (their own)
I can't think of anything interesting to say, but I love this.

Victoria Beckham - Marc Jacobs
Not too sure about the shoes, but she always appears fearless. Props to her.

all from Style.com


  1. i love rose's and victoria's looks! =)


  2. LOVE Lou Dillon's dress, she looks gorgeous! Not sure about Victoria Beckham, hmm!

  3. love to see all those fantastic dresses. Lou Doillon was amazingg!

  4. Loveee Liv Kate and Stella, what a threesome!! They looks fantastic, so awesome 70's. I also loved Kate's look. She can pull off a turban like no other.

  5. I loved Kate Moss's outfit - the turban was amazing! Rachel Bilson didn't really go to town like she could have done though and the poker straight hair is not a good look! :) x

  6. Love Rose Byrne's dress from Marc Jacobs. Amazing!!

  7. Wow cool! Kate Moss, Nina Ricci and Marion Cotillard looked absolutely stunning!

  8. I love how you comment their outfit there, I love Marion the best for sure :)


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