Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cardigan - (the one I wear every day...) Forever 21, gray tank - Target, navy tank - Old Navy, jeans - Delia's, sandals - (sigh) Target.

It's gloomy, thus indoor pictures. I didn't want to risk having my camera out in any amount of rain then having to undo my tripod and run inside. Today was honestly a crappy day. But luckily I doubt it'll be particularly memorable. I forgot basically everything important at home. At least these jeans aren't as tight as they were the last time I wore them, good or bad thing. I have no idea why I've lost weight but it's kind of scaring me. Most people wouldn't be worried, but I'm not even trying... Ah, well yeah.

I resurrected the handbag I used every single day from March '08 up until last Christmas. And I meant to show it in my pictures, but I clearly forgot. Oh well.

And I think the new enforcement on no iPods on my school has something to do with my unhappiness... not that I listened to it all day, but at least one or two periods got me through the day. I sound whiney, I apologize.

Hope the weather's nicer where you are, and hope you're having a great day. xox Catherine


  1. I love your grey tank. I'm into simple things lately. So this outfit is super cool!

  2. I love the jeans and your shoes as well

  3. Ah your just too cute.

    And its weird, because ive lost weight too. As the older people in my village would say, "its all this funny weather love", i think we should just put it down to that! Its a much more smile-worthy explination! hehe.

    And I love forever21, shame im from the UK!


  4. You're much too cute.
    I love those jeans, very chic.



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