Monday, March 9, 2009

Take another ride, try to turn it around...

I ended up having a splendid weekend. It was a bit spontaneous but at the same time planned enough so I didn't become overwhelmed and back out of any opportunities I had. I won't go into Saturday, but on Sunday, shortly after I woke up I was informed my brother's friend was planning to go to a concert and the people backed out but left the tickets, so I tagged along with my brother and his friends. It's so funny how I hang out with my siblings' friends (more commonly my sister's). This was the second time I saw the Dropkick Murphys, and although I miss the memories of the last time, less people crowd surfed which meant my head didn't get kicked and I was more stable. They were so good.

I'm a zombie now because I fell asleep at 2am and woke up four hours later to get ready for school. Oh, and being at a show makes me wish I had a pair of Doc Martens. Mmmm.

While browsing photos with Doc Martens, I came across these of Erin Wasson and decided I needed to:

I can't say I'm a fan of her huge fur coats that she wears, but that's just me. And her eyebrows are really perfect. I notice stuff like that.

Source: the Fashion Spot/Childhood Flames

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  1. she does have perfect eye brows! :D
    and i lvoe the second to last photo

  2. ve everything about this editorial, just ordered my doc martens :) definitely going to follow your blog, bisous x

  3. The last pic is such a stereotypical model pic it makes me giggle - love it!

  4. erin watson is simply gorgeous. she is effortless stylish

    lovelove <3,

  5. I'd say that the pic in which she wears a yellow dress makes me a little uncomfy. Is she skinny or what?


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