Sunday, March 8, 2009

In love?

As you would probably know from reading my blog, I am not a fan of winter, and even fall is kind of iffy. So while everyone else is obsessing over various fall collections, I have found a spring collection to obsess over.

Balmain S/S 09:

Just look at those jackets and those jeans! I think everyone knows how much I love jeans... these are incredible. Again, this doesn't prove my point that I love color, but this is just too awesome not to like.



  1. Love the jackets! They're like the fall D&G ones. I want to buy something like that!

  2. Gorgeous...I think it's this season blog favorite for sure.


  3. *obession begins* hah loveeee it. and im no fan of winter either - ick! xx

  4. I love the new Balmain jackets! very balenciaga. structured shoulders on a military jacket are superb! check my blog too!


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