Monday, March 16, 2009

And then there's this...

all from Elle, Feb 09.

Loveee it, but I'll mention yet again how I'm behind on everything.

And now for one of my typical rants (not the right word, but I'll deal) - I didn't take an outfit picture today because I don't like the shirt I'm wearing. I can't figure out why I'd wear something I don't actually love, feel comfortable in nor look forward to wearing. Why would I listen to music I don't actually like? I don't think I'm impressing anyone by wearing this, but I'm not impressing myself either. And that's what really matters, or SHOULD matter at least. But my closet is filled with "filler," as in clothes I'll wear because I have but don't actually genuinely like. Of course, I could save up money and buy clothes that I really do love and want to wear, but whenever I shop I end up finding reasons not to buy certain things that are even slightly outrageous. I play it safe. I know in this terrible economy I really can't be frivolous (sp?), but I wish I wasn't so cautious. So, what I wish was my motto but I don't follow at all: no excuses.

Oh, and I want to watch Across the Universe again. I can't help but sing along to all of the songs off the soundtrack.

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  1. not being frivelous is not a bad thing. if more people were like that, the economy probs wouldnt be where it is today. and i understand the shirt debaucle. sometimes i have resrvations about whether or not to purchase something, and end up playing the safe route. its usually a decision i regret. but, we learn.


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