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I'm Catherine, a nineteen year old from the suburbs of Philadelphia. I've lived here my entire life, which has given me unquenchable wanderlust. My style is anything from simple and casual to mismatched and weird. If anything, I'd describe it as "stoned librarian." (I am neither.) I'm sarcastic and soft-spoken, introverted and easily amused. I'm a student, a feminist, vegan, tea drinker, and cat lover.


"Silhouette Girl," a reference to Corazon de Oro by Rancid, was started in February 2009 as a means of self-expression and as an extension of my daily outfit sharing on Chictopia. I started blogging in attempt to make my wardrobe more about quality than quantity and to try to develop my own personal style. I mostly post outfit-of-the-day photos, with the occasional fashion, vegan food, or art post thrown in for good measure.


I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Jewelry and Metals. I studied in London during fall 2011, which enabled me to attend a few shows at London Fashion Week. My post-college plans remain undetermined, but heading west to California or going abroad to obtain my master's degree are among a few of my lofty dreams.


Email: thatsilhouettegirl@gmail.com
Twitter: @_silhouettegirl

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