Thursday, January 31, 2013

Last of the US of A

Silhouette Girl personal style college fashion blog Philadelphia
Coat - Calvin Klein, sweater - H&M, skirt - Lulu's, purse, Lulu's, leggings - Hue, boots - Urban Outfitters

It's been entirely too long. These photos are from Christmas day, so over a month ago. Oops. Time has escaped me once again, but I have an excuse this time: eight days after I wore this, I left the country. I'm in Scotland! Shouldn't be news (especially to anyone who follows me on Twitter and such) but here I am. I've yet to take any outfit photos here, but hopefully I'll get a few snapshots sometime when it's not 1. freezing/windy or 2. rainy. So, good luck to me there, eh?

Silhouette Girl personal style college fashion blog Philadelphia

Things are going fairly well here so far, with the usual ups and downs that will occur during any set of four weeks regardless of geographic location. I've been in the studio during the better half of the past two weeks, currently working on a silversmithing project that involves raising and forging. I've learned quite a bit already! But, if I'm honest, I really just can't wait to get started with wearable work again. Realized I never posted a photo of the ring I made for my final project last semester... which just shows how little I've been blogging since I barely take it off. I also have yet to get proper photos of the Mackintosh building or anything else in Glasgow, really. Oops.

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