Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Not Just Black and White

Silhouette Girl personal style college fashion blog Philadelphia
Necklace - thrifted, shirt - Madewell, skirt - H&M, shoes - Bakers

I'm in need of some new jewelry... not need, obviously, but craving. One perk of going back to school is having metals and ceramics courses this semester; it's been so long since I've worked with either (2 years and 1.25 years, respectively) and I'm a bit too excited to return to my preferred mediums. In the meantime, though, I've been scouring Etsy for electroformed pieces with druzy-type minerals. I'm into organically designed jewelry more than usual; sometimes I drool over bright, costume pieces or anything silver plated, but I'm definitely feeling something more subtle, gold and natural for this fall.

Silhouette Girl personal style college fashion blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl personal style college fashion blog Philadelphia

By the time this is published, I'll probably be at the beach absorbing sun and frolicking in the ocean. Most beaches on the Jersey shoreline are crowded with tourists their fluorescent umbrellas, but it's incredibly calming to be sitting along the water listening to music or reading a book... ignoring the children who have no problem splashing whomever, of course. I seem to have painted a picture of my summer that's entirely lackluster, and while that's not entirely untrue, it just isn't the full story. I've hit several rough patches with my significant other of two years (on and off) and it has me pretty upset. I do mention tidbits of my personal life on here, but I try to stray away from anything too involved or detailed. It's the internet, after all, and despite my online presence I am generally very reserved, especially when it comes to sharing my most personal matters.

On a similar note, I always wonder how accurately my own written words portray my personality and life. It's surprisingly easy to write that everything is always quite peachy, but of course, that isn't always the case for anyone. I also look pretty serious in some of my photos, but I'm usually very silly when I'm around close friends. Conversely, I'm often told I talk/dress in a decidedly proper manner, to which I refute: stoned librarian. It's my alter ego, if I must have one, but my style inspiration regardless. It's late and I'm rambling.

xox Catherine

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  1. I often wonder the same thing about my writing. It's something I definitely want to develop.

    also GREAT top and shoes! I hope you are enjoying the sun :)

  2. Stalking youuu, digging the hair. I hope everything works out and that you enjoyed the beach :)


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