Sunday, July 22, 2012

Those dreams weren't as daft as they seem

Silhouette Girl personal style college fashion blog
Shirt - H&M, skirt - vintage, purse - bracelets - mostly antique, shoes - Rachel Comey

My posts have become even more sporadic, and I just wish I could say it's because I've been out so much doing so many fun things. I have, but not enough to reduce my time to blog. I went to the beach with my brother, sister, and her boyfriend and forgot to reapply sunscreen after swimming in the ocean. Can I just say swimming - not just wading - in the ocean is a good work out? Yeah. I also ended up a little less pale than usual, so any evident difference in my skin tone is not just imaginary.

Silhouette Girl personal style college fashion blog
Silhouette Girl personal style college fashion blog

I have only a little more than a month left of summer, which is such a bummer, for lack of a better word. I'm definitely excited to see my friends back at school, but I know I'm going to get my ass kicked academically since I'm taking four studio courses and two other classes. I always have this idea that summer is such a whirlwind of fun and adventures and spontaneity, and sometimes it is. But it hasn't been, for the most part, and I just have my fingers crossed that everything will look up and that I won't mope around quite so much. I've been letting anything and everything get me down, and that's not good.

xox Catherine


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  1. Love what you're wearing! The shoes and the bag are awesome.
    I hope the rest of the summer turns up for you : )

  2. I immediately noticed your tan! you look awesome, the pictures are great and I want to go to the beach too :(

  3. i'm sorry that you're down! instead of waiting for summer to be the fun that you expect it to be - make it happen! going to the beach sounds like a good step in that. i can tell that you look tanner! your legs especially :)

    i'm loving your shoes so much that i'm going to google them right now cuz they are so cool. ALSO, i'm on season 4 of true blood but i'm SO EXCITED to catch up on the newest season ohmygosh

  4.  They're the Fraction booties - I think they were F/W 2010, but they're still available on some websites, from what I've seen. I'm obsessed with Rachel Comey!

  5. Oh man I love True Blood! I really loved the one from last night.
    Also that leopard skirt is fantastic! 
    And I know how you feel about going back to school. I'm starting grad school in about three weeks and I'm kind of dreading it because I'm unsure how difficult it'll be. 


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