Friday, February 10, 2012

Meet HANAair

Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog Hana Air HANAair Misikko review
Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog Hana Air HANAair Misikko review

My morning routine is quite simple, for the most part. I don't wear foundation or eyeshadow, and I don't own a professional hair straightener or curling iron. My preferred tools are mascara and blow dryers. I generally keep my hair short, which means it takes infinitely less time to shampoo, dry, and maintain. Upon returning to the States, I was horribly underwhelmed with my years-old dryer - even in comparison to the cheapest one Boot's sold. While on the market for a new hair dryer, Misikko contacted me to review a Hana Air. Even upon a first glance, I was impressed with its sleek appearance and lengthy cord, but once I actually used it I decided this is the best blow dryer I have ever used.

Of course, even the bests have their strengths and weaknesses, so I've comprised an unbiased list of pros and cons.

1. It dries my hair in half the time of other blow dryers.
2. The long cord means I never accidentally pull the plug out of the wall while using it.
3. It's quiet in comparison to other dryers I have used, but more powerful than most.
4. There are three temperature settings: cool, warm, and hot.
5. There are two power settings: low and high.
6. It's easy to hold and not too heavy, which can be a problem with others.
7. Less time to dry my hair means less frizz and smoother hair.

1. The on/low/high switch sometimes changes in its storage space, which is quite startling when I plug in the device.
2. The hot setting can be too hot, but the warm setting isn't warm enough. There's a separate cool button I often accidentally press while using it.
3. It's rather expensive compared to other dryers I've purchased. (However, from my experience so far, the retail price is indicative of quality; I expect this dryer to last a while.)

Now, the real moment of truth: would I recommend this product to a friend? I would, but: I don't know how it works on different hair types. (I asked my sister to try it out, but she has hair similar to mine.) If you're not looking to invest in a blow dryer, this is not for you. Overall, I'm very content, and I would suggest that anyone interested in a new hair dryer at least take a glimpse at what this one has to offer.

xox Catherine

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  1. that blow dryer looks great, I have one of there flat irons, it is pure magic :)


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