Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Earl Grey Tea and Brief Reflecting

Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog Philadelphia
Coat - Modcloth, cardigan - H&M, dress - Volcom, belt - thrifted, leggings - Forever 21, shoes - Topshop

I wore this to grab lunch with a family friend (whom I hadn't seen in months!) and my siblings. It was quite nice - we went to Panera, where I always order the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich. I also had some earl grey tea, undoubtedly influenced by the prominence of tea in England. It's so much better than coffee. Ever hear of "coffee time"? Exactly.

Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog Philadelphia

A few weeks back, someone asked me on Tumblr about school, specifically if it was giving me a hard time because my outfits seemed less inspired. I replied that was indeed true, based on a variety of factors, naturally. I'm reunited with my over-stocked closet, I have no qualms about wearing heels because I walk much less, afternoon naps aren't nighttime naps (it is dark in England by 4pm), I haven't really had the time to delve into posts on my Google reader feed, etc. Though I can't help but feel (paradoxically) less pressure to dress a certain way. London is a very, very stylish city - my excursions nowadays involve wondering where all the brogues went and where all these sweatpants came from - but it's a little overwhelming to me in that sense.

I have an idea of how I want to present myself, both in real life and on my blog, but I felt I couldn't quite live up to my own expectations. I hate to admit it, but I felt a bit (perhaps an understatement) inferior to native Londoners in regards to aesthetics. It's so funny because London has a reputation that "anything goes" - it's evident that street style is a friendly competition to see who can dress quirkier. And that's just the thing; though I may feel out of place in my small hometown, I felt invisible in London. And that feeling didn't exactly motivate me to put on a pair of five inch heels.

I hope to further reflect upon my time abroad before the New Year, but that's it for now. Might go see the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo at the cinema if it isn't sold out! Enjoy your evening!

xox Catherine

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  1. I think the layering in this outfit is really cute! You don't look uninspired to me at all! I'm loving the mix of neutral colors in this look too.

  2. I know what you mean about feeling invisible or irrelevant when you're around such stylish people. I used to have that same feeling when posting outfits on my blog. But then I kind of had a revelation this year that no one else can make me happy, no acceptance or validation from someone else can make it happy. So I'm going to do my own thing, find my own strength, my own individuality, and just do it. I don't care if I'm lost in a crowd or blend in, I'm doing myself and I feel confident and have no apologies about it.

    The reason why I post style photos it's because I think I'm super stylish or have anything new to offer, I just like the creative process of photographing, editing and putting them together in a post. Simple as that!

    And honestly, I love your style! I think you have a great consistency that is kind of hard to maintain. My wardrobe used to be so a bio-polar jelly fish (we won't reflect on if that's possible or not at the moment) but once I decided what I liked, I wanted to draw my wardrobe into some cohesive. So while someone may not think it's "inspired" enough that's why its not theirs! And its mine and I'm happy with it.

    Hope this makes sense. This is the longest comment I've written in a LONG time!

  3. I think that your style is just wonderful and fits you just right! This outfit is adorable and goes well together (:


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