Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dinner and a movie

Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog
Top - Anthropologie, skirt - Target, bracelet - gift, shoes - Madewell

I wore this yesterday to an appointment, then to the movies and dinner with my sister and aunt. It's really nice that I'm getting to see most of the people I want to before I leave. Even those I haven't, there's still two weeks left... but time is ticking.

Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog
Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog

Lately I've been questioning my style in terms of what's "normal." Ideally, I'd like to have a more man-repelling style - something that fits my tastes more - but viewing it that way would just seem purposely rebellious. And that's not what I'd like to do. Compared to my peers in this area, I dress a little eccentrically. I receive comments and stares. Incidentally, most of the compliments I receive are from guys. But most of those guys aren't exactly society's standard of macho men - they're more of the artsy types.

I dress in a way that makes me feel comfortable. Somehow I just don't feel comfortable wearing ill-fitting polyester trousers, nor do I feel good while wearing denim underwear. I suppose I fall somewhere in between the two categories, if you will... as if someone can be categorized by what type of pants she wears.

I don't need to be told what "works" and what doesn't, in many regards. People are going to judge me for wearing brown shoes with black socks? Pft. People are going to judge me for speaking up for what I believe in? God forbid I don't attract a suitable mate by the time I'm twenty. It's ridiculous how, to some extent, I'm expected to abide by what other people expect of me as a young lady. I'm not really referring to people I know, but more of what expected of any young woman by anyone.

Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog
Silhouette Girl personal style fashion blog

I digress entirely. I go off on tangents too frequently, no? Anyway, what I originally wanted to say is that I wouldn't mind dressing in a more expressive, possibly artistic, way. The end.

xox Catherine

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  1. Ugh you are lookin' so fine! I like your phrase "man-repelling style." And I totally understand what you mean, but I think you are really artistic in your clothes! I think it all shows. On the other hand, I feel like I'm usually one that is not so artistic in my fashion expression, usually. Which annoys me whenever I'm shopping because I feel so like.. alien in my normal-ish clothes. And I'm sure travelling will challenge you a lot! When I was in London, I felt so not chic in my sweats. I may have been a laughing stock in my fluffy pink London pullover.

    By the way, when are you leaving for England?! (which i'm super stoked for you for--awk grammar) and what kind of cam do you use?? I'm getting a DSLR--so excited!--but I dont know which one I should get. Price range limits me, I'm thinking under $600. So far I'm into Canon Rebel T3 and Nikon D3000. Your thoughts?


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