Thursday, June 30, 2011

What I've Been Up To

So, it may seem that I've been MIA these past few weeks... it's been, what, two weeks since I've posted an outfit? Truth be told, I haven't really been dressed in anything besides a tshirt and cutoffs, if that. Most days I've just been lounging in a tank and pj shorts.

Life has been a little crazy, as usual, and I'm dealing with some personal issues at the moment. Sometimes it's really difficult to detach myself from a situation - I can't be too involved in others' problems too much, or this happens. And that's just not fair to me, regardless of whom I want to help. I need to remind myself to protect myself before trying to assist others.

I just caught up on blog reading, and loaded up my Tumblr queue. I'm contemplating a few purchases (many items from the ASOS summer sale, a suitcase at Ruelala and a skirt at Ideeli...) but I'm experiencing typical indecisiveness. If anything, I should probably go for the suitcase, but I could probably find a normal looking one for cheaper. I've never owned a "regular" suitcase, now that I think of it... it's always been polka dots, animal prints, and bright colors.

Lucky me, I've won giveaways at What I Wore and LIVE GLAM OR DIE.

I hope all is well, and I may go on a city date tomorrow which would mean an outfit post, finally!

(P.S. I have been writing frequently on EIU, though. Check out my articles here, here, and here.)

xox Catherine

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  1. Detachment is a real luxury when you can afford it...

    / Avy

  2. I hope you've been doing all right! Congrats on those giveaways! I've only won once like 2 ish years ago. So jealouz. And I'm going on a city date today! weehee! PS. I'm going to the east coast for good on aug. 10th so save me a day to venture into the city :) I think I've said this before. Probably. haha. Take care! Keep holdin your head up high! :)


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