Saturday, October 30, 2010

I can't hold you close, darling when you're not with me.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Vest - gift, tshirt - Pacsun, skirt - H&M, necklace - antique, cuff - antique, boots - Doc Martens

I wore this on Thursday to school then to get my hair cut. Oh, I don't know that I've mentioned this, so I'll say it now: I won most artistic for my school's yearbook superlatives. I don't think it's the biggest honor ever or anything, but it's still pretty cool because I usually think no one at my school knows who I am.

This day was actually rather interesting - I went up to a town with my friend to take pictures. We discovered there was a parade, so we walked around, came across a tall parking lot, took photos from it, and hung out there for nearly an hour. We went to a coffee shop prior to catching the bus home, and there was a "free library." I came across an old book with another book inside it written by some weird self-proclaimed doctor discussing psychopathology. Uh, right.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia

Anyway, last night (Friday), I saw Social Distortion, aka my favorite band. They were amazing! I'm a little surprised and upset they didn't play Story of my Life, but it's almost a bit of motivation for me to find someone to sing it with in the school's talent show. Never mind that I can't sing whatsoever... I like to think I'd be poking fun (in a harmless way) at the copious amount of couples that play guitar and sing together for the show.

My job at the Halloween store has ended, so I'm looking for another. I try a few nicer restaurants... though I probably wouldn't do well as a server.

Hope all is well! xox Catherine


  1. Oddly, Social Distortion is one of my favorites, too. :-)

  2. Good luck job hunting! I'm sure you'll find a good one. Halloween must've been fun! :)

    And congrats on being "most artistic!" That's really awesome! :]]

    I love the photos here! The background,etc. looks really neat. :)

    Happy Halloween! And congrats on seeing your favorite band! i would love to see one of my fav bands! xD

  3. whew what a busy day girl!
    you look absolutely fabulous, and i hope you enjoyed Halloween!



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