Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Slip inside the eye of your mind, don't you know you might find...

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Asos Urban Outfitters
Dress - Asos, jewelry - mostly antique, handbag - Nich, boots - Deena and Ozzy

It's been too long since my last outfit post, but I've already explained so I'll save the time...

Today was my first day back at high school. I've already started classes at the community college, but of course, there's a huge difference between the environment of the two. My school now feels like a hospital - all "new" walls in the school are painted white. Basically, I have the urge to paint them.

Hopefully between now and January I'll actually learn something about photography - I'm taking a class at school, and I'm looking forward to it. None of my classes seem too dreadful.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Asos Urban Outfitters
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Asos Urban Outfitters
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Asos Urban Outfitters

When I woke up today, I noticed two packages on my table - one containing the textbook I don't need tomorrow (and the other one will get here tomorrow, of course), and one containing five dresses (!) from the giveaway the super-sweet Maggie conducted on her blog, lifesize paperdoll.

So far, so good!

xox Catherine

PS Guess who contributed to the 9th issue of Style Sample magazine... check it out!


  1. aww, i miss school! i'm sure you'll have fun in photo class, i know i did....wish i could remember what i learned though, haha. you look great, i really like your purse and shoes! and wow, five dresses? great score! :)

  2. yay for the dresses :)! I missed your outfit posts so baaaaaad, and I love your hair :) hahahaha that was random :P

    enter my giveaway to win more stuff :P

  3. the pictures are lovely with the light comming in, and your boots are really original, i like it a lot!|xxx


  4. I adore that dress!

  5. You look absolutely gorgeous love! My highschool used to be all white like that too. Except for a few knights painted here and there. But I think schools were made to make us depressed to be there more than a place for us to learn haha!

    lyndsey of hellolyndseyyy.blogspot.com


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