Thursday, September 23, 2010

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Dress - vintage, cuffs - antique, shoes - Aldo

I'm glad to be wearing dresses again, with sandals no less. I'll admit, I'm the worst multitasker ever, but I'm catching a few moments of the new ABC show "My Generation." It seems staged and I can't tell if it's supposed to be reality or not - but I like the concept. But I'm a sucker for anything nostalgic... says the girl who still has months until graduation.

I think I should take a step back from the idea of applying to college and just reevaluate as much as possible while keeping the effectiveness of doing so. I feel that my extracurricular activities are sorely unimpressive, but I'm very passionate about what I am involved in... however, for the most part, my school is uninvolved.

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia

Anyway, I'm a bit indecisive - it occurred to me that for the past year and a half, I've been writing this blog. I think the amount of time I've put into it has shown dedication, and it definitely shows my creative side. I've spoken at a conference in NYC, I've written for an online magazine - but neither of those feats make much sense without mentioning this little blog of mine.

But it's rather personal - definitely more so than my Facebook profile or anything of the sort. I have only mentioned it to a few people, but they don't seem to "get" it. I can't decide if including my blog as a hobby is worthwhile/if it makes me stand out... but maybe I'm just being negative.

xox Catherine

PS I definitely feel like writing opinionated personal essays. I don't know that they'll show up here, but there's a good chance considering I don't really have a classroom to share them with...


  1. I would definitely include your blog in applications! It is something you have created and are devoted to and therefore part of you. It will make you stand out and make you personable. Not just a name on a page. Do it.
    And please do share some of your other writings with us.

  2. pretty dress!! i love the color and the buttons <3 and lovely photos!!

  3. Don't get to worked up about college. Just apply where you want to. Enjoy high school while you can. Cause you'll look back and might wish you'd done something that you're not doing.

  4. enjoy a high school ,you will get something that you can't expect to get during you college life .
    i will always be here to share with your blog.
    please believe every effort will pay ~

    my english is not that good , please foregive me . so much i want to learn from you .
    best wishes ~

  5. now following. :)

    p.s. did you draw your header yourself? it's so great!

  6. Love your dress and shoes. <3
    As for college, I would include your blog. You don't necessarily have to include a link or anything but it can easily provide insight into, like you said, your dedication, your writing skills, and so on. Definitely would be a plus.


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