Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recent Purchases - 7.25.10

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market finds Anna Sui cami
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market finds Doc Marten Maryjane brown shoes
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Punk Rock Flea Market finds amber necklace

I don't believe I mentioned that I'd be going to a flea market this past weekend, but I did, and made out pretty well! I would've done more damage if my friends didn't want to leave. But in all honesty, it was ridiculously hot and pretty unbearable! I'm particularly pleased with the pretty-but-still-a-little-badass tank and the clunky Maryjane Doc Martens.

We got caught in the rain after stopping at Urban Outfitters...

Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Urban Outfitters sandals
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia Urban Outfitters skirt

So, I guess I'll give you a rundown of the prices I paid for these items, since I'm rather proud about how "well" I did.
Anna Sui tank - $1
Doc Martens - $10
Necklace - $3
Sandals - $10
Skirt - $10
...totaling at $34.

Again, I apologize for my lack of posts. I'm actually taking a day off from school since a few events from last night have left me feeling emotionally unstable. So don't expect an outfit post today. And I have to keep telling myself: I'm fine, it'll all blow over, it's for the better, but it's just hard because it's now. I guess the biggest drawback to learning to live in the present means feeling affected when stuff like this happens rather than trying to forget about it by providing myself the privilege of hoping too much for the future.

But I hold true to what I've been saying - this year remains the best year I've experienced yet. I wouldn't say I'm quite ready to take this as a learning opportunity just yet, but I'm hoping I'll look back in the future - remembering fondness as well as what I don't deserve. Because in the end, I feel there's nothing else to do. It might sound a little pessimistic, but if I'm able to keep the good memories I garnered with me, I'll be content. And you know what else? Happy.

Hope all is well for my lovely readers,
xox Catherine

PS I've reached 130 followers! And I don't think I can thank any one of you enough. But I'll just say it simply - thanks.


  1. I love those purchases. I'm so jealous that those sandals fit you, I ordered them online, but they wouldn't fit my fat feet. Also I'm sorry that you are going through something, sometimes we need a mental health day to reflect and sort things out. Hope you feel better soon. :)

    The Girl in the Paper Dress

  2. wow, those are all such great purchases! especially the docs, their worn look is so unique and kind of tells a story,
    loove it all :)
    xx, zaia

  3. I love how succinct you are with your writing. You say just enough but at the same time it's all you need! That is the evidence of a good writer. Anyway, I'm glad I am "blog friends" with you! I wish I could meet you one day! :) I love the colors in the photos btw! :)

    Erin :)

  4. I love that skirt! So cute!

    I bought those sandals in black, but they didn't fit my wide feet so I had to return them. I'm so jealous that they fit you!


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