Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Heart Blogs

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Today, I'm going to share ten of my favorite blogs. Some are well known, some not... But all are wonderful and on my must-read list! (Keep in mind, these are in no particular order.)

1. night lights
I feel fortunate to have met Mitzi of night lights at Chictopia 10 - she's definitely going somewhere in the blogging hall of fame! (Please excuse my lack of humor.) She always looks very put together, but doesn't sacrifice any bit of personal style while doing so. Her style is well-defined, and definitely something to watch.

2. lifesize paperdoll
Maggie, the girl behind lifesize paperdoll seems like such a sweetheart! She's having a great giveaway right now... and I'll just say it's not your average giveaway!

3. Simply Hope
I always feel a little jealous when girls younger than I am are very well dressed. Hope's a natural - she puts together stylish outfits very well, often touching on some of the latest trends in a way that's not gaudy.

4. Tick Tock Vintage
Veronika is another Philadelphia blogger, and I admire her vintage/vintage inspired wardrobe. She also has an Etsy shop with some great picks. And her hair? So jealous.

5. The Clothes Horse
Rebecca's blog is awesome, to put it simply. She manages to put together unique outfits with a strong sense of personal style. She was one of the speakers at Chictopia 10, and she was very down-to-earth and easy to relate to.

6. style is style
I also met Lydia at Chictopia 10 after I had been admiring her style for quite a while. I love the pops of color that often make an appearance in her outfits. Her style is very fun without being too kiddish.

7. The Stylish Wanderer
I don't actually know the Stylish Wanderer's name, but this is another example of a girl younger than I who exhibits great style. I love the California-cool ease of her outfits... definitely makes me wish I could replicate it as well.

8. Daily Puppy
No, Daily Puppy is not a fashion blog. But I beg you to find something (or someone!) that you don't want on this blog. That's right, you can't. Who can resist puppies?!

9. Karla's Closet
I must admit, I'm partial to the pieces in the "old" Karla's Closet, but I love the way Karla puts together outfits. She's one blogger that has a fabulous closet along with a fantastic sense of style. I'm not an expert of any sort, but I feel that her approach is often a little French - not overdone, sometimes understated. And that's what I like!

10. Hand It Over
I can't resist pretending to be funny... after visiting Wendy's blog, you really wish that she'd just hand over her whole wardrobe. But for real, this seriously pretty girl has a great way of putting items together. She layers fabulously, but looks just as great in something simple.

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  1. stylish wanderer is one of my top 3 . thanks for sharing the giveaway


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