Sunday, June 13, 2010


Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Silhouette Girl style blog Philadelphia
Dress - altered vintage, necklace - antique, cuff - grandma's, shoes - Aldo

I wore this on Saturday... finally got around to hemming this dress that has been sitting on my artsy table since last year. It's a little tighter than most of the pieces I own, so I sorta wish it was loose like 90% of my wardrobe - but change is always good, right? If the print looks familiar, it's because I have a belt from this dress that I wear frequently. Get this - the belt and dress were $1 together. I love incomparably cheap finds.

Before I discuss Saturday, here are some photos from my outing on Friday to the big field I like:

Please excuse what you may see in the first and second photos. Anyway, after this, I went to a crappy nearby diner, then to the city with some other friends. Bought strawberry sorbet from Hagaan Daz, went to a hookah bar, and finally reached my bed at 2am.

Most of Saturday was spend lazing around, but I ended up going to a friend's graduation party. Ironically, this one was also located close to an elementary school, so naturally, we went over and sat on the newfangled playground contraptions.

Hi Tracey!

I've been having so much fun with different shutter speeds lately.

I'm really glad that this weekend has been a particularly good one - I usually prefer to end things (school years, summer, calendar years, etc.) on a good note, so this is suiting that requirement of mine. Two more days, and it's summer! And today will probably be a good one two - season premiere of True Blood! Who else is excited?

xox Catherine

PS This post is significantly more picture-heavy than usual. Just saying.

PPS My giveaway ends tonight at 11:59pm EST!


  1. Lovely necklace!

  2. I was thinking of starting a collab blog that would cover these various aspects of pop culture

    * music
    * movies/tv
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    I think you'd do an excellent job contributing to the fashion aspect. You don't have to become involved, but I think this could be really awesome. To read more about it, please visit my blog. I have two posts there dedicated to this idea.

  3. Cute dress! Only $1? Wow! Great deal.
    I still love your shoes <3

  4. Oh goodness!! Thank you so much for becoming a follower!!! Im following you too! Stay lovely! Xo!

  5. That dress is so cute!! I finally remembered to click the "Follow" button on your blog - yay! I have never been to a hookah bar... : o

  6. you have no idea how much this post made me smile cat<3

  7. I think your dress is adorableeeeee. It's gorgeous! i love the different patterns on it! The field pictures are also beautiful- what kind of camera do you have??

  8. Oh I so love that dress! It's gorgeous<3


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